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Like dogs, cats are favourite animals people adopt as pets.

According to The Daily Telegraph, approximately 30% of Australian pet owners adopted a cat in 2021.  This is second to dog ownership, peaking at approximately 50%.  

However, why should you adopt a cat?  Indeed, cats offer many benefits that make them excellent furry babies, including the following. 

1. Cats are Low Maintenance 

If you desire an animal companion but don’t have much time on your hands, your best option will be a cat. These fluffy animals don’t require much help from you, so you can rest assured that your cat can take care of themselves.

For instance, they don’t need a lot of training and frequent walks. They can perform basic cleaning tasks, so you don’t have to worry about frequently grooming them. Moreover, they are more inclined to sleep the day away, so you don’t have to worry about them feeling lonely.  According to Budget Direct Australia, cat food expenses are relatively cheaper, so keep this in mind.

Despite their low maintenance status, you also need to play your part to enhance your cat’s health. You can invest in cat insurance to ensure that they get the needed checkups and treatments, for starters. Also, ensure that they get the right nutrition and physical activities for the best results. 

2. Cats are Good for Your Health 

Admittedly, dogs can affect your health positively. However, did you know that cats have the same qualities? Research indicates that cat owners are more psychologically sound than people without pets.

For instance, a survey involving 2,200 Scottish children indicated that those who had stronger bonds with their cats were more energetic, attentive and less lonely. Moreover, your cat sitting on your lap and kneading your thighs can quickly reduce your stress levels, preventing you from developing stress-related diseases.

Also, the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology discovered that adopting a cat can keep you from developing heart attacks, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Seeing these benefits, it’s only logical to get a cat to call your own.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Cat | Style & Life by Susana

3. Cats are Effective for Pest Control 

It’s no news that mice, rats, gophers and other rodents can cause untold damage to your home. As they scurry through your home for food, rodents can cause structural damage by dislodging insulation and other weather-proofing materials.

Likewise, they have a penchant for gnawing at paper, fabric and plastic, making your furniture and important documents their prime target. They can also contaminate your home with faeces, urine, and fur, making you prone to germs. Fortunately, you can reduce or eliminate these pests by adopting a cat.

Although your cat may not prevent rodents from entering your home, their superior sense of smell can help you identify and eliminate a rodent infestation. Also, rats and mice feel terror when they catch a cat’s smell. A cat’s presence in your home can prevent them from staying around.

However, not all cats can hunt rodents, so ensure that your fur baby is up to the challenge. Also, work with pest control professionals after your cat detects an infestation.

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