3 Things To Do Before Going On a Long Holiday Abroad

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Sometimes you feel like getting away from everything for an extended period. You might be stressed and in need of a change, or you just catch the travel bug and want to go away!

Regardless, you’re planning a long trip abroad for more than a couple of weeks. You could be gone a month, two months, or even a whole year. If that’s the case, there are certain things you have to get in order before you set off. Here are three things you definitely shouldn’t neglect:

“Stop worrying about the world ending today… It’s already tomorrow in Australia!” Charles M. Schulz

✈️ Get Your Finances in Order

Clearly, you need to make a rough calculation for how much money this trip will cost. This means you may have to wait a few months before you have enough cash to go on your elongated vacation. Acting on impulse can be fun, but there’s no fun in ending up on holiday with no money to pay for accommodation or food!

Plan things out beforehand, save as much money as you need, then head out with all the assurances that you can genuinely afford your trip.

While we’re on this topic, it’s good to let your employers know what you plan to do as well. Some will let you quit and then re-apply for the same job when you return, others will just say that you have to quit for good.


✈️Protect Your Most Valuable Possessions

If you live alone, it’s hard to figure out what you should do with all of your valuable possessions. Especially if you decide to give up the tenancy on a home you rent. Even if you own the property, there’s still a lot of expensive things in your house with nobody to protect them. Thus, you need to find ways to secure your valuable belongings until you get home.

Two options seem the most effective:

firstly, as you can see on mammothselfstore.com.au, self-storage facilities are a great place to keep things for an extended period. Your valuables will be locked away, giving you peace of mind.

Secondly, you could give your possessions to a friend/family member or ask someone to house-sit for you. Either way, your things are protected while you’re away.


✈️ Get Travel Insurance

Normally, and this might sound quite bad, but you can get away without buying travel insurance for short trips. It’s not advised, but there’s less chance of problems happening if you’re away for a few days. On the contrary, traveling for weeks or months presents many more chances of issues occurring.

Imagine you travel between countries every few days – this could mean you’re on multiple flights throughout your travels. As such, the chances for luggage to be lost increases exponentially.

Loads of other travel risks present themselves, so it makes sense to sort out some insurance before you go. Ultimately, it provides added protection to stop bad things from harming your trip.




If you’re planning a long trip abroad in the future, make sure you consider these three things before you go. It’s unwise to leave without taking them into account as they ensure you have everything in order and will be less stressed.

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