5 Ways to Make Your Home Comfortable in Time for Winter

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“They who sing through the summer must dance in the winter.”


– Italian Proverb

Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last forever. Sooner rather than later, winter will rear its ugly head once more and, yet again, you will face the unenviable challenge of trying to stay warm despite the plummeting temperatures and blustery conditions.

 If you want to remain comfortable in your home from the onset of this coming winter all the way through to next spring, be sure to put the following advice into practice.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Comfortable in Time for Winter | Style & Life by Susana

Make Sure Your Boiler is Working Correctly

 Cold and comfort do not mix. If you want to feel snug in your home once the temperatures plummet, you need to make sure that your boiler Is in good working order

 If you haven’t done so for several years, especially, you should have your boiler checked over by a professional boiler servicing company. This could make or break your ability to remain warm and safe throughout the winter months, which is why you must get it sorted before the harsh weather sets in. 

Nonpareil are one such company that you could turn to in this instance. From boiler installation Harpenden to radiator testing to the installation of underfloor heating, this expert team of Gas Safe registered engineers will be capable of providing you with a complete heating service.

Drape a Blanket Over Your Sofa

 If your boiler is operating in tip-top condition, having a blanket at hand in your living isn’t necessarily a necessity. It’s still a nice touch to make one available, though, which is why you should drape one over your sofa. Just remember to give it a clean if it does, in fact, start to collect dust. 

 Lay Down a Rug On Wood Flooring 

Unless you have the luxury of underfloor heating, your feet are going to suffer every time they touch the wood flooring in your home. To avoid experiencing this unwelcome shock to the system every morning, simply lay down a rug. The fluffier it is, the better!

5 Ways to Make Your Home Comfortable in Time for Winter | Style & Life by Susana

Deal with Drafts

Drafts are the absolute last thing that you want in the wintertime. Not only will they let the cold air in, but they will also suck out the warm air that is emitted from your radiators and other heating systems.

If you want to draft-proof your home in the most effective way possible, you must:

    • Make use of weather-stripping
    • Fit new door sweeps
    • Apply foam tape to warped doors
    • Hang insulated curtains
    • Re-caulk your doors and windows
5 Ways to Make Your Home Comfortable in Time for Winter | Style & Life by Susana

Interior Design Tips

Tending to the functionality of your property isn’t the only thing you must do if you want to ensure the comfort of your home this winter. If you want to make your home feel cozy regardless of how cold it is outdoors, be sure to incorporate the following into your interior design:

  • Shag accents
  • Seasonal scents
  • Area rugs
  • Softer lighting
  • Comfy throw pillows
  • Winter-themed tabletop centerpieces

~ ~ ~

If you want to remain safe, warm, and comfortable throughout winter 2020/21, be sure to remember everything that you’ve read above.

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