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Hi, I’m Susana! I’m was born in Portugal but have lived most of my life in Geelong (Victoria, Australia) and love my gorgeous Geelong.

I will proudly admit I am a tad eccentric, beautifully weird and refuse to grow up and become one of those boring adults that loses their sense of fun, adventure and innocence and forgets to laugh at themselves! I’m dedicated to bringing my readers regular fashion and style inspiration combining designer, high street, vintage and basic cheap finds into essential pieces that every wardrobe needs.

Style & Life by Susana is a testament of pure genuine love for fashion & style, beauty & skin care, pop culture, spirituality, lifestyle matters and also sharing my own personal experiences with IVF over the past few years and infertility.

Every post demonstrates a burning desire to dream, inspire, hold out for hope & faith, upfront honest detailed information, humour and even sharing in my joy and/or heartache and at times confrontational with my own experiences.

I’m wanting to push the boundaries of what an actual personal fashion and lifestyle blog is meant to be all about, while peppering it with my humorous wit, creative flair & artistic vision and staying true to my loveable charming personality (cough cough!).

I’m all about staying to myself, being authentic – so at times, my photos and posts may make you think, ‘hmmmm, ok. Rightttttttt’ – just know that I am just expressing my style in an art form.

My intention is to bring to my readers new trends from runways from around the world, what’s hot out on the street,  amazing shopping finds from stores (including on-line shopping & flea markets), beauty & skin care how to’s/must’do’s and must don’t’s, the latest pop culture updates and support on IVF matters.

I’ve forever wanted to launch my own blog, but was so scared by what friends and family would think of me and think, ‘what the hell?!}. Thank God, I listened to my husband (a first, to be honest – haha!). I am a wife, a fur baby mother to Tiago and Miguel (chihuahuas).

My blog, Style & Life by Susana aims to give you all of the information that you deserve on whatever the topic may be about, while at the same time being kept entertained and more  importantly giving you, my readers the inspiration, hope and strength that you deserve on a regular basis, whilst being my authentic self.

So, go pour yourself a glass of wine, sit down & relax and check out my blog.

Welcome to Style & Life by Susana ?

Susana xoxo
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