Advice for Those Just Starting to Care About Fashion

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Fashion is something people either acclimate to easily, or have to work towards.


Not all of us have an inbuilt sense of style, and that’s more than okay.


Just in the same way as some people can easily think of how to frame a photograph, or how to adapt to cooking beautiful meals, learning to dress well is a skill that you can either enjoy through natural talent, or developing skill.


Sometimes, you just need exposure. Knowing what to wear, what the latest trends are, but most importantly, how you define fashion for yourself is key.

There are no real hard and fast rules, outside of common principles such as wearing trousers on your legs and shoes on your feet. That said, those new to fashion can still feel out of their depth, feeling unsure of what works for them and how they might construct several outfits.

Fashion is more than just adornment however, it’s a celebration of life and its movements. For that reason, you’re supposed to have fun with it. In our beginner’s guide, we’ll help you find your style sense with that in mind always:

Always Buy Quality (Relative to your Budget)

It can be tempting to purchase a range of cheap clothes just to stock up your wardrobe, and in the case of basic essential likes pajamas, many of same-toned thin t-shirts, and comfortable clothing you just wear around the house, this can be totally fine.

But to the degree that your budget permits it, purchasing less clothes that are better quality will have a major impact. Not only will they feel more comfortable to wear and fit your body more appropriately, but they are designed to last and the materials will be noticeably better.

Note – purchasing designer brands isn’t always a guarantee that you’re purchasing high-quality garments, and so it’s important to understand each material, the thickness determining quality, and how refined and uniform the stitching is.

For instance, a high-quality coat purchased from a highly reliable brand such as THE ICONIC NZ could potentially stock your wardrobe for up to and over a decade. High-quality shoes can also last much longer before replacements are needed, and are open to maintenance and repair much more than cheaper models. This saves you money in the long term sure, but it helps you look better, too.

Follow Tastemakers

You’d be surprised how useful influencers, tastemakers and branded shows can be at showing you how to dress for this season, and which clothing sets go with what.

Depending on the brand , you may find small inspo guides to help you plan an outfit together. Do your best to look at the shape, texture, and lines of each piece and how that might relate to you. For instance, a middle-aged man might find that purchasing excellent polos, shirts, smart trousers and a clean watch can help them avoid seeming older than they are, while YouTube lookbooks could help people chop and change style inspiration as necessary.

You’ll often find fashion influencers and bloggers serve as a fantastic place to gain this information too, so don’t be afraid to explore, ask questions, and follow those you appreciate.

Experiment With Colors & Textures

Experimentation is key to learning more about fashion and adopting its best principles for yourself. Experimentation will also help you avoid feeling as though you need to dress as you have always dressed, or that something just ‘isn’t your style.’

For instance, you may find that you’ve never really felt dressing in a ‘feminine manner,’ which is increasingly becoming less relevant as a term, because you have always felt more comfortable in ‘masculine’ clothes. Perhaps trying the other side, or trying that new accessory, or opting for something you never wear usually, like a nice hat to finish off an outfit, can help you expand your horizons and try something new.

Experimentation can also come with age. For instance, it might be that wearing a flat cap seemed somewhat out of place in your mid-20s, but now you’re nearly your 40s and have a little white running through your facial hair, a flat cab could look fantastic. Experimenting anew and busting down old beliefs can help you see fashion for what it is, an expression of who you are and who you want to be.

How To Accessorise for Newbies | Style & Life by Susana

Accessorize to the Degree that you’re Comfortable

A good way to start dipping your toes into fashion anew is to start accessorizing. This might not take much, perhaps wearing a bracelet you like, or even a broach on a formal coat, or cuff links at work, all of this can help you start to think about the mini adornments that navigate your style.

In winter, this can be even better. From wearing scarves to nice gloves (that can be worn while driving, too), and undercoats that fit your larger coat, all of this can give you little additions, layers, and considerations to help turn an outfit into something new.

Of course, even face masks have become fashionable despite how important they are, as fitted black masks can not only protect you from viruses but help you look cool and tie your outfit together in that regard, also.

Consider Hiring a Stylist

If you’d like to begin with a few insights but you have absolutely no idea where to turn, it might be worth heading for one or two shopping sessions with a stylist.

Some people think of this as something you do when you really have the need to dress well, but would you feel that opposed to hiring a personal trainer for your first few sessions in the gym? Probably not, and the same principle applies.

Sometimes, an expert eye lent to your particular situation is all you may need. This can also give you the confidence to begin leaving your comfort zone – an important consideration for us all to achieve.

With this advice, we believe that those just starting to care about fashion will flourish as a result of restocking and reorganizing their wardrobe.

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