Advice in Caring for Your Cat

If this is your first time opting for a feline friend, there are many ways to ensure that your cat’s lifetime with you is a long and happy one.

General care when it comes to cats means adopting easy and healthy habits to ensure they have everything they need.

Make Sure That They Have Plenty of Companionship

While it’s true that cats are very independent and appear to need a lot less attention on the surface compared to dogs, it doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t want to spend time with you or should be left alone for long periods of time.

Make sure that you give lots of human companionship to them and spend time with them when you are at home together, even if this means simply being in the same room if your cat isn’t feeling particularly cuddly.

If you’re concerned about the amounts of time your cat might have to spend on their own due to your own schedule, you could consider providing a friend for them, such as another cat, if the company will help when you are not home.

Provide Indoor Stimulation

Whether your cat is an indoor one or likes to roams outside, stimulation indoors is still crucial no matter what. Kit your home out with valuable cat entertainment, such as scratching posts and toys which you can use to engage them.

If you like to keep a clean and tidy home, you may want to have a designated area where you can set up your cat’s toys and posts in, as cat toys can easily become lost or misplaced around the home if they are small.

Plan for Regular Vaccinations

To be the best feline it can be, your cat will need a suitable wellness plan with a professional vet. Routine care is essential for your cat, as there are many things a veterinarian will notice and consider that you simply cannot.

Therefore, regular checks and treatments such as a scheduled cat vaccination Midlothian means that your cat can always be protected in the way that it needs to be.

Implement Good Grooming Habits

Cats are great groomers all on their own, but they’ll need a helping hand. This might vary from breed to breed depending on their coat type and length, so researching proper grooming tips for your specific breed is always a good idea.

Regular brushing or combing of the coat is a must, as this keeps them clean and fresh. It also helps to prevent excess shedding or the potential for too many hairballs.

Fit Them with a Collar for Identification

Cats can easily become lost when they are off on their own adventures, so you’ll want to protect your pet by allowing them to be easily identified.

A collar fitted with an identification tag is encouraged, as is arranging for your cat to be fitted with a microchip which can be traced back to you. For extra piece of mind, you may want to consider both.

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