Best Tech to Up Your BBQ Game

Even though spring has just fully set in, summer isn’t too far in the distance meaning you should start thinking and dreaming about your perfect summer BBQ.

In fact, this guide is supposed to help you set up for the best BBQs you’ve thrown in a while. By using some of the most interesting, useful or simply necessary tech available, you can up your BBQ game and impress your neighbors at the same time.

Upgrade Your BBQ

This is not to say that you have to drop a bomb to have a good BBQ, but everyone at one point or another has been guilty of leaving it a little late to replace something that was simply past its prime.

It is understandable when something has been with you for a while; there’s a connection there, but replacing your BBQ is something you should absolutely consider if yours is starting to look a little rough around the edges.

There are so many great options for replacing your BBQ after all. You should look at it more as an opportunity to put an old friend to rest and get something much better in the process. If you think you need, or just want, a replacement grill, then BBQ’s and More could be the place for you.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors might seem a little out there, but how often have you had to try and awkwardly shuffle your way out through the door, or even open it more, with your hands full. It’s a pretty common occurrence isn’t it? Now imagine instead, you walk up to the door, and it simply opens for you.

The smart sensor fitted over the door automating the process. Much better. That’s where Evo Products come in. They have a range of easy to install sensor systems that can turn your existing sliding door into an automated one that will open for you, your kids, and even your pets.

Get an Insulated Box

One of the most consistent challenges for the experienced grill master is trying to get good timing on all of your different meats so that everything can be eaten together.

A lot of people give up on this and simply eat as they go, which works in most situations. However, if you want to really get a brilliant feast of meat and veg laid out and grilled to perfection, then you should consider getting an insulated box. These brilliant boxes, like the one made by Cambro, will help to keep all your hard-cooked meats and veggies hot while you get working on the rest.

Finally, you’ll be able to layout the glorious BBQ feast of your dreams, all while everything is kept nice and hot.

While it’s not a complete list of what you should have for a good ol’ barbie, this is sure to get you started. So, break out the bangers, bacon, steak, kebabs, and whatever else you want and have a good time.

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