DAY NINE, TEN & ELEVEN: the final three days before the ‘drop off’


I have some amazing news to tell you all!!! This morning I actually woke up in the BEST mood EVER!! Seriously. No joke. I cannot believe it. How good I felt when I woke up feeling this morning feeling this good. Its the best I have felt ever since I started taking all of these IVF drugs almost two weeks ago.  No aches in my body, no I feel like I’m coming down with something, no massive headaches. I actually feel ‘alive’ (per se). Energetic. Full of life. In a way it’s kinda weird that I feel this amazing. I’m not feeling grumpy, not even lethargic or frustrated or even (drum roll…) not even negative towards myself.

I’m feeling a bit like… relaxed (cue in the shock horror!).


OK, remember how wonderful I felt yesterday… well, that all over. Yep, that didn’t last long because today I am so freaking over it. I’m frustrated. I’m f**king pissed off. I have a massive headache that is piercing me in my left temple. I’m starting to think negative again. I’m over eating so mega healthy. Oh man, I really am!

I just want to eat prosciutto, olives and cheese!

Moscato wine!!! YES!!!

Just give it all to me!


Enough with all these spinach and kale salads every second day! All these herbs and supplements! My vegetable fertility soup every freaking single day! (cue in a massive eye roll)

DAY ELEVEN: final blood test & ultrasound

So today I finally had my final blood test and ultrasound and somethings have slightly improved. The follicles had pretty grown a little more but no surprising extra follicles. On the left side there is two follicles: 18mm and 21mm. Both really good sizes and will keep on developing more by the time its egg collection day. On the right side there’s four follicles: 13mm, 15mm, 21mm and 24mm. The one thats 24mm is a tad big so it may be too ‘cooked’ in a couple of days but hopefully the two smaller ones will grow a lot more by egg collection in two days time. I’ve scheduled for 9.30AM.

When I walked out of the clinic I have to say that there was a deflation to my spirit and the negative thoughts were already starting to swirl around in the back of my mind. At that moment I was able to hold it back as I needed to ring my husband and let him know.

As soon as I told him I could sense his disappointment. I’m not meaning his disappointment in me whatsoever but he, like me, comparing this cycle to all the other many cycles I’ve done, I always produced at least 13 – 15 follicles which always meant (in most cases) at least 7 – 9 eggs. So I could tell he felt let down in that regard. But like everybody keeps saying: its that the quantity, its the quality. Sure, I keep trying to tell myself that over and over in my head, like you would not believe. But there is always that chance that in those six follicles I have, there isn’t an egg. It can happen. Let’s be truthful! Not every follicle you produce will always have an egg in it. So that is my greatest fear now.

So tonight I will still have my Puregon and Menopur and then at 9.30PM I will finally get to inject the Ovidrel drug.

Ovridrel is a another pen like syringe that has  a hormone drug that causes your eggs to finish maturing and to get ready to be released and I have two of these Ovridel’s to inject and again, they are to be injected just below the belly button like all the other drugs. This injection is to be injected 36 hours before you go into egg collection and the best feeling is that there are will be no more injections after tonight! (cue in my Chandler Bing happy dance)

COMING UP ON THE NEXT EPISODE: ‘this chicken is going to lay some eggs!’

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