Dog Care For Dummies

Dog Care For Dummies | Style & Life by Susana

“My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.”

Looking after a dog seems as though it should be a straightforward thing. You feed them, take them for walkies, and provide somewhere safe for them to sleep.

That’s it, right? Well, partly. But if you really want your pup to thrive, you need to do a little more than that. Dogs, like people, have complex health and wellness needs. Just providing the basics isn’t always sufficient.

In this article, we discuss dog-care for dummies. Find out exactly how you should be taking care of your pooch.

5 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog | Style & Life by Susana
5 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog | Style & Life by Susana

? Take Them for Dental Checks Regularly

Dogs aren’t as prone to cavities as people, but they’re still a risk.

Sugar in the diet can lead to the breakdown of the enamel tooth surface and cause painful gum disease.

Dogs with serious oral infections often appear listless and quiet. Regular checkups, however, prevent problems from developing and reduce the costs you face.


? Let Them Eat a Mixture of Wet & Dry Food

Some dog owners buy dry food and assume that it is sufficient to keep their pooch in good health. While it provides all the nutrients that they need, dogs also need to eat fresh food from time to time.

For this reason, many owners buy Royal Canin dog food to provide a mixture of taste and texture sensations. Just like people, dogs thrive on variety. It’s vital to them.

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? Provide Plenty of Exercise Opportunities

Even if you take your dog out for an hour every day to the park, it might not be enough to keep them happy.

Remember, many large dog breeds need in excess of two hours of physical activity per day to keep them in shape.

For many owners with busy lives, this level of activity is probably unrealistic. And that’s why you need to provide opportunities for off-leash activities outside the home besides daily walks.

If you have a garden, make it dog-safe and allow your pup to walk around how they please.


? Regularly Groom & Clip Their Nails

Wolves didn’t need grooming or nail clipping. Licking their coat and natural wear and tear on their claws as they prowled were sufficient to keep them in good shape. But with domesticated dogs, it’s a different story.

Many have extra long fur, which collects dirt and fleas quickly. That’s why so many professionals recommend that dogs go for regular grooming and nail clipping. Their natural form almost makes it a necessity.

? Practice Training Regularly

Training is essential for dogs for two reasons. First, it makes them more controllable.

The last thing you want is a pup who thinks that he owns the place. And second of all, it helps to keep their minds active—dogs like the challenge of following instructions.

Training, however, requires a lot of patience to get right.

Often your pup doesn’t want to follow your commands immediately.

However, once you get the hang of it, it helps you establish yourself as the pack’s dominant member.

From that point onwards, they are much more willing to follow your lead.

Dog Care For Dummies | Style & Life by Susana

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