Fall Accessorizing Made Simple

As you pack your Summer essentials away and get your Winter wardrobe ready for a new year, you’ll want to take a look at the best Fall accessories for 2020. With a new season upon us, now is the time to upgrade your accouterments.

Following exciting launches from a range of designers earlier in the year, the Fall/Winter line-up is set to be one of the best yet. Of course, incorporating the edgy catwalk looks into your daily wardrobe isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

To take the hassle out of looking great, I’ve made it easy to accessorize. With these handy tips and idea, you can incorporate the latest Fall trends into your seasonal wardrobe:

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a women’s outfit.” Michael Kors

Face Masks

There’s no getting away from it, face masks are big this season. With the COVID-19 outbreak still in full swing, wearing a face mask is an important way to protect yourself and others.

However, you needn’t let a face mask hamper your style credentials. In fact, you can look more on-trend than ever when you don a designer face mask.

What’s more – you don’t have to stop there. Savvy designers are going all out to encourage people to wear masks by releasing face mask holders and chains too. If you want to keep your mask in place or avoid losing it when it’s not in use, you’ll find a wide range of holders in stores and online.


If you were prescription lenses, the right glasses are a vital element of your look. Even if you don’t need a prescription, wearing glasses with clear lenses can enhance your style.

Furthermore, the Winter sun might not be as warm as the Summer rays, but it’s just as bright. This means your sunglasses remain a staple accessory throughout the year and one which you can use to enhance any outfit.

When you’re choosing eyewear, you’ll want to consider the newest fashions but it’s important to select frames that suit the shape of your face too.

Click here to take a look at what’s hot this Fall. Remember – it isn’t just the shape and color that makes your eyewear fashionable. Sustainability is a hot topic this season, so choosing frames made from eco-friendly materials will ensure you’re a recognized trendsetter.


Scarves are always a popular accessory in Fall and Winter, particularly when the temperature starts to drop. This year, be on the lookout for color blocks and edgy patterns.

Whether you wear it around your neck, in your hair, or tied to your handbag, a scarf is one accessory you won’t want to be seen without this season.

While chunky knits might keep you warm when Winter really sets in, Fall is the perfect time to get wrapped up in a soft, silk scarf. With designer styles and high street releases widely available, there are on-trend scarves to match every budget.


Oversized totes may be a great way to transport all your essentials – and the kitchen sink – but you don’t need to go big if you want to stay on trend this Fall. In fact, we’re mixing it up with pocketbooks this season. These ladylike bags are classy and elegant, not to mention easy to carry. Already seen on the runways of Erdem, Miu Miu, and Dior, it won’t be long until they hit the high street too.

If you’re worried that a pocketbook won’t be big enough to house everything you need, there’s no need to panic.

Savvy designers have incorporated space-saving features into many designs. With innovative styling, pocketbooks are deceptively spacious, and you’ll certainly find designs that can easily accommodate a small laptop or tablet, as well as everything else you need to take out and about.


If you’ve been front row at any of this year’s fashion shows, you’re sure to have seen chains making an appearance. One of the biggest trends to hit 2020, every designer has incorporated them into his or her lines. The chunkier, the better, so go big and bold when you embrace this one.

Chain jewelry is massive this season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.

However, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find chain face mask holders and handbag chains widely available too. If you want to get maximum mileage out of the trend, buy one chain and use it in multiple different ways to create different looks.


Ties may be a staple for men who need to wear business dress on a daily basis but they’re breaking all barriers this season and becoming a must-have accessory for everyone. What’s more – ties are no longer restricted to the office.

Pair a skinny tie with a button-down, blouse, or even a simple t-shirt to create an effortlessly on-trend look. Seen on the runways of Toga, Prada, and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, you can treat yourself to a new style or pilfer through your husband’s, boyfriend’s, brother’s or best friend’s wardrobe and borrow one of theirs.


When there’s a chill in the air, you’ll certainly want a pair of gloves to keep your fingers cozy. In 2020, there’s even more reason to wear gloves when you’re out and about because they can stop you from picking up germs and viruses. However, you don’t have to stick to tried and tested knitwear this Fall.

Opera gloves have been popular on the runways this year, with Off-White, Lanvin, and Rodarte all featuring them. Already hitting the high street shelves, look out for silk, satin, and leather long-cuff gloves when you’re shopping for must-have Fall accessories.


A must-have staple for Fall and Winter, you’ll be glad to hear that boots are definitely one of the big trends for Fall 2020. This year, you’ll want knee-grazing, platform boots if you’re going to compete with fashionistas.

However, there are loads of styles to choose from within this demographic. From classic, no-nonsense leather to latex and metal grilles, you’ll find an array of options on the shelves. If you want to cement your style credentials this season, combine two of the top trends and attach a chain to knee-grazing boots.


Not the easiest to look to pull off gracefully, we admit, but believe it or not, balaclavas are making a comeback this season. If you haven’t worn once since you were a kid, don’t go rifling through the attic looking for your trusty old-school knitwear.

With a modern take on the trend, today’s balaclavas are more than simply a way to stay warm in the cold weather.

You’ll find more traditional options on the shelves, as well as trendier, veil style designs that show more of your face while still keeping you covered and cozy.

Find the Right Accessories This Fall

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. However, you don’t have to blow your budget to stay on trend this season. With some savvy shopping, you can find a stunning selection of accessories to enhance your wardrobe.

Choosing accessories that you can pair with numerous outfits is a great way to get started. Boots, scarves, and chains are easy to dress up for when you’re going out for a night on the town but, equally, they can be used for a more formal look too.

By selecting pieces that will complement your existing style, you can get the most mileage out of your new buys and enjoy wearing the latest trends until Spring rolls around once again.

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