Fertility, What You Should Consider

You may have spent years looking at and implementing great contraception options.

However, if and when the time comes to start thinking about having a child, you will need to consider some incredibly important first steps. 

I’m struggling to get pregnant, what is best?

Changing diet and lifestyle help many couples get pregnant, although some couples may need extra help in the form of supplements and herbs. And if you are already in fertility treatments – the tips in the article will help the success of the process.

Many women don’t attach importance to the quality of their diet, but poor dietary conduct will lead to a state of malnutrition, which is not favourable when wanting to conceive. It is also very wise to go on diets rich in dietary fiber, which can lead to non-absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Low fat diets are also very popular but can cause a lack of hormones needed to absorb pregnancy. Therefore it is important to eat foods that promote fertility. Fruits, veggies, and health fats such as avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and almonds, quinoa, mushrooms and seaweed are all beneficial. 

You may have also tried some holistic options too. These are great and should continue to be considered. You should journal, meditate and do yoga when you can.

Inactivity Will Hinder You 

Exercise is very important for fertility, but over-exercise can impair fertility, for example lack of ovulation, which can be caused by women whose fat percentage drops below 15%.

You should consider gentle exercise, nothing that will impair you further but cycling, swimming, walking even, can have major benefits for you. You should consider Pilates or some gentle exercise class for beginners. Movement is great for the body, afterall.

Stress Must be Dealt With

Avoid it as much as possible, and concentrate on doing things that will move you in the right direction – although this is much easier said than done.

In this instance, you could turn to types of supplements to assist you in feeling calmer, such as lavender tea, valerian root or lemon balm, but consult your doctor first. 

Vitamins for Him and Her

Omega 3 – improves the shape of the sperm, thereby improving the chance of sperm penetrating the egg. It also increases the chance of pregnancy, helps suppress endometriosis cells due to its anti-inflammatory effect and also increases blood flow to the uterus, thereby strengthening the uterus and supports the uterine mucosa

  • Vitamin E – improves hormonal balance in a woman’s body, contributes to the quality of eggs and their longevity, encourages blood flow to the uterus, prevents the chance of miscarriage, improves motility and sperm production capacity.
  • Complex B – for him and her! This strengthens the nervous system, helps balance mental states. For optimal absorption, it is best to use the supplement in its liquid form.
  • Selenium – for him and her! This prevents oxidative damage and tissue attachment, helps the proper functioning of the immune and hormonal systems, and cleanses the body of excess hormones and toxins.

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