Five Beauty Resolutions for 2021 & Beyond

Given everything 2020 has brought, it’s probably been only too easy to let your beauty routine slide.

With the arrival of 2021, it is the perfect opportunity to make changes for the better. With that in mind, here are five key beauty resolutions for 2021 and beyond.

New year is the glittering light to brighten the dream-lined pathway of future.”

Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

Right now, many people have little choice but to live life in the slow lane. At the very least that probably means getting early nights and plenty of sleep instead of going out and enjoying the nightlife!

Hopefully, 2021 will see life return to normal, but don’t let that tempt you into giving up the good bits of this year. Commit to eating and drinking well, going out in the fresh air, exercising and getting proper sleep.

Go to the Dentist at Least Twice

A trip to the dentist is a chance to get your teeth properly deep-cleaned by a dental hygienist. It’s also a chance for your dentist to identify any emerging problems before they become serious.

In fact, your dentist may see an issue with your teeth before you notice any symptoms. The quicker you deal with a dental issue, the less hassle it’s likely to be and the less it’s likely to end up costing you.

In short, even if you hate the dentist, go anyway. Take care of your smile.

Get Rid of Your out-of-date Beauty Products

You wouldn’t eat out of date food, so you shouldn’t use out of date beauty products. You’re not “avoiding waste”, you’re using products which are ineffective, unsafe or both.

Get all your beauty products together and separate the in-date products from the out-of-date products. Then have a look through both and see what that tells you about your spending habits.

The chances are those expired products weren’t working for you so try something else. Remember that the big brands aren’t always the best. Niche brands like KBeauty Australia can deliver great results at very cost-effective prices.

Clean all Your Applicators & Tools Regularly

You don’t have to clean applicators and tools between every use. You do have to clean them regularly rather than just when they’re looking desperate.

Cleaning applicators and tools regularly isn’t just about removing surface dirt. It’s about removing the germs you can’t see but which you can transfer to your skin.

It’s also about keeping your applicators and tools in better condition for longer. If you’ve invested in good applicators and tools, then you’ll want to use them for as long as possible.

If you haven’t, then make 2021 the year you do. They can really make a serious difference to your look. While you’re about it, commit to replacing cotton pads with reusable washcloths.


Learn to Massage Your Scalp Properly

When you have your hair washed in a salon, the hairdresser will massage your scalp.

Doing it yourself at home may not feel as good, but it will still give you a pleasant sensation. More importantly, it will stimulate the blood flow on your scalp. That helps to get nourishment to the roots of your hair.

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