Five Fun Things To Do This Summer

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The year we’ve just had has been the weirdest one yet, hasn’t it? For most people, holidays and adventures have had to be cancelled and changed around, and the summer we were all looking forward to last year was a bit of a dud! When was the last time that you planned something fun for the family?

No matter where you go, children will be children and they will make yru summer as fun as possible, but as the restrictions start to lift, life can return to normal – as can the summer!

This year, things will be different compared to last year. You can choose somewhere to go for the whole family and enjoy yourselves in as normal a world as possible.

The summer that lies ahead is full of beautiful weather and endless possibilities, and you must make sure you plan for garden parties among the holidays and days out that you choose for your family and for yourself.  So, with this in mind,I’ve got five fun things that you should plan for this summer!









Family Bike Rides:

Whether you are a cyclist or not, there’s nothing as fun as getting everyone on their bikes on a popular country trail and cycling together.

Make sure that the children are kitted out with helmets and hand and elbow pads, and keep your things in a backpack so that you don’t have too much dragged along with you.

Wherever you are in the world, you should consider ensuring that you have bicycles hired or bought to entertain you all. Going as a family can be so much fun, and you can bond together through competition and distance cycling!

A Beach Holiday:

You can stay on your local beach for this one, but booking a week or so in a hotel or Airbnb is going to change up your summer for the best time!

Get the kids on the sand with buckets, spades and the right sunscreen, and you will be able to have a great time. This is one activity that allows you to bring out the creativity of your children and gives you a chance to have a little fun, too.

Don’t forget to talk about beach and ocean safety!










Whether you send the kids to a dedicated camp for the summer or you load up the car and road trip to a great camping spot, you can really enjoy camping as a family. You can get into nature and enjoy some exciting activities while you are away from the home, and you have the chance to teach your children some survival skills, too!

Throw A Party:

If the restrictions haven’t quite lifted to allow you to go on a mini break, why not throw a party in your own backyard? You can lay on the fairy lights and finger foods, buy some garden games and even think about hiring in a hot tub!

Your party could be the party of the season, and you should treat it as such with invitations and a theme!

Take A Hike:

Taking a hike into nature is a great way to get some exercise and show the children a whole new outlook. They don’t need screen time to have fun, not when there are flowers and plants to spot and waterfalls to chase.

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