Four Must-Know Secrets of Garden Maintenance

You’re no doubt well aware of many interior design tips and tricks to ensure that your house remains on-trend and showroom ready.

However, though the interior of your home might be filled with all the latest interior trends, all that can be let down by a drab and neglected garden.

Many people are daunted by the prospect of garden maintenance, thinking that a lot of skill is needed to craft a beautifully manicured show garden; however, with a few easy tips you can ensure that your garden remains in tip-top condition.

Here are four must-know secrets of garden maintenance:

Keep on Top of Weeding and Clearing

Weeding and clearing away dead plants might seem like a thankless, tedious task, but it certainly is the secret to ensuring that your flower beds remain in good order and blooming year-round.

Whenever you are in your garden, make it a habit to inspect your flower beds and remove any weeds and dead plants that you spot, which can then be added to your compost bin; keeping on top of weeding and clearing like this will stop it from snowballing into a massive task.

In order to prevent the growth of weeds, use a trowel to remove the roots and plant flower beds densely to minimise the space for weeds to grow.


I like gardening—it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself. ~Alice Sebold


Regularly Mow Your Lawn

A neatly trimmed lawn is the hallmark of a well-maintained garden; however, as another tedious and time-consuming garden task, you might have been putting it off, the result being that your lawn now resembles a jungle.

Aim to mow your lawn at least once every two weeks during the spring and summer months, when the warmer weather will cause the grass to grow quicker.

If you have a manual mower, try to look on the task as a fun form of exercise. Alternatively, you could invest in a robotic lawnmower so that you can sit back and relax while the machine does the hard work for you.

Install a Water Pump in Your Pond

Ponds provide an important haven for wildlife in a garden, and as such, it is important that you ensure that the water is kept clean and fresh, especially if you have fish.

A water pump, such as the OASE AquaMax, will clean and filter your pond water to ensure maximum water quality to provide a clean and safe source of water for fish and other garden wildlife. This automatically cleaned water will, in turn, provide an attractive pond for you to relax by.

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