Oh No - You've Forgotten The Dinner Party You Had Planned! What Now? | Style & life by Susana

Foodies! Take your seat! We are embarking on an epicurean voyage around the globe one delectable bite at a time – buckle your culinary seat belts for an irresistibly delicious adventure!

The Spicy Chronicles: Thali from India

Let’s travel to India, land of contrasts! Discover its legendary Thali – an array of vibrant, punchy, and soulful dishes served in one platter that offers six key flavours – sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy! Not just another meal – experience India through your tastebuds – with one Thali! So are you up for an exciting culinary journey? Dig in!

A Tangy Twist: Tacos from Mexico

Say goodbye to the idea that tacos are just an occasional treat – in Mexico they’re an art form! Filled with an endless variety of fillings stuffed into soft or crispy tortillas, tacos offer an explosion of flavour all in the palm of your hand. From juicy chicken marinated in adobo sauce and slow-cooked pulled pork, these mini fiestas of deliciousness showcase Mexico’s diverse culinary heritage and are guaranteed to leave your mouth watering. Don’t forget about tangy salsa verde and fiery chilli sauce; these additions add another dimension that won’t stop this parade of flavour – don’t miss it! Let’s taco bout more!

Liquid Gold: Mezcal from Australia

Our next destination takes us down under, to Australia – land of koalas and kangaroos! While there’s plenty to discover here, our focus today will be on one specific elixir: Mezcal.

A close cousin of tequila, this spirit has quickly become popular in Australia as an adventure-seeker-friendly drink. Best enjoyed with salt and lime for an earthy flavour. Originally hailing from Mexico but now part of Australian food culture: take a sip and let its bold flavour transport you away to faraway places!

The Bitter-Sweet Symphony: Wine from France

Next, we take an exciting leap to France – home of romance and light – to experience its exquisite taste of wine: an elegant blend of bitter-sweetness that dances across your tongue. Every bottle of French wine tells its own unique tale; from structured Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux to rich Chardonnay from Burgundy.

Wine production has become an ingrained cultural experience across generations in France. As you sip and sniff through a glass of French wine, you are not just enjoying an enjoyable beverage; rather you are participating in a timeless tradition, celebrating love and life!

Join the French in saying – “À votre santé!” as we raise our glasses in salute of good health!  And enjoy your journey as there is still much flavour out there to discover!

Oh No - You've Forgotten The Dinner Party You Had Planned! What Now? | Style & life by Susana

The Creamy Conclusion: Gelato from Italy

Finally, our journey will bring us to Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula; an area known for its art, architecture and most importantly: gelato!

Italian gelato is an irresistibly creamy treat that packs more flavour into each bite than its American counterpart, thanks to less air, more milk, and a slower churning process. Not to be forgotten is the wide array of flavours offered at Italian gelaterias; from classics such as Stracciatella and Pistachio to more experimental offerings like Basil and Black Pepper – each is guaranteed to satisfy sweet-toothed travellers!

An Italian gelateria truly provides a taste sensation! Gelato can transport you right into “La Dolce Vita”, Italy’s sweet life. So go ahead, take that spoonful of creamy delight and let Italy’s most beloved dessert transport you back to Tuscan fields and Rome cobblestone streets! Bon Appetito!


Even though you can’t physically travel the world, your tastebuds certainly can! Food and beverages provide us with an opportunity to travel the globe vicariously through taste. Remember that the beauty of food lies not just in its flavours, but in how well they reflect their native land’s identity and culture.

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