Get Tidying For a Tidier Mind

“Combining your home can transform your life.”

This is the promise made by the Japanese guru of the organization Marie Condo through her books and her TV show, which would not be an exaggeration to say that she has created a great tendency… to reconcile.

The novelty of its famous method is summarized in the arrangement of the house by category of objects and not by room, with the ultimate goal of being only objects that bring joy to their owners. 

Tidying & Arranging Benefits Our Health

 In short, a tidy space in which we can easily find what we want promotes our peace of mind and is definitely more useful.

At first it may seem impossible to get rid of all unnecessary items and keep the space together – especially if you are not the most regular person in the world – but gradually and through repetition arrangement will become a habit.

Also, when our environment is full of things, we can experience more stress and anxiety, with a study by psychologists Rena Repetti and Darby Saxby from the University of California concluding that mothers living in cluttered homes have higher levels of the hormone of stress, of cortisol.

Clutter can also make it harder for us to fall asleep, while at the same time making it more likely that we will be looking for junk food, according to research.

Set Priorities

 Make a list of what jobs you want to do and then distinguish between those that need to be done and those that can wait 1-2 days.

Based on the time available to you, write down your 2-3 top (realistic) goals and focus on them before you start anything else.

Get the Kids Involved 

Yes, many times it may seem much faster and more efficient to do all the work yourself, but if you take the time to teach your children how to do chores at home, in the future you will thank yourself for this decision.

Start with the simplest tasks, such as putting their shoes in the shoe rack when they get home, putting their clothes in the laundry tub and putting their dish in the washing machine instead of leaving it in the sink.

It is amazing how much better your home will look if such small things are done. For the first few weeks you will probably need to remind them often, but little by little they will learn and do it on their own.

Get Rid of What You Do Not Need

 It may take some time to complete this step, but keep in mind that once the things you have are reduced, the time you have to spend cleaning them will be drastically reduced.

Less stuff on surfaces and in cabinets means less dust and faster cleaning. Next, make sure you have a specific place for everything in your home to make it easier for you to get together and get on with your day.

Put things in storage if you really need to. You could look at self storage solutions

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