According to the fashion bible (i.e. Vogue), grey (gray for my fellow beautiful American and Canadian readers) represents a feeling of stability. True, the colour is reliable, classic, refined and extremely ultra stylish but also minimalistic.

I’ve always been either only just worn black, white, beige or the earthy terrain colours such as red, olive and chocolate brown but have never ventured into the ‘grey’ area per se (pun intended). This year has seen grey come back into trend with the likes of Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner being the colour staple of their wardrobe and I do have to say, I have developed an enthusiastic  interest in it now.

This weeks Fabulous Fashion Friday post I decided to focus on basing the whole entire outfit around the one colour and that being grey.

Did I just hear cyber gasps?!

Can you do actually that?

Why of course you can my lovelies! You can wear all the one colour as your basis for an entire outfit. To make the whole outfit fashionable and not too plain or old looking you will need to change up a few pieces by the structure of the piece and the fabric. The key for having it all in the same colour is incorporating different textures. That way it gives the illusion that it’s not all the same colour. Tricks the brain. Cheeky hey?!

I’ve centered the whole outfit around simplicity, comfortability and minimalism. It’s a relaxed chic style, well suited for all body types. You will see that I’ve also added in sunglasses and a clutch bag in black only as this will take the grey colour up a higher notch, making not just the colour but the textures of each clothing piece pop out but also making it more chic.

Do you like to base your whole outfit around one colour? What is the colour you love to wear the most?

Happy fabulous Friday and weekend everyone.

Sending you all virtual love, Suz xoxo

Savannah Sleeveless Maxi @ Forever New – $179.99

Diana Square Frame Sunglasses @ Boohoo – $12.00

Bella Fringe Grab Clutch Bag @ Forevere New – $39.99

Lacey Rib Knit Bodysuit @ Boohoo – $24.00

Suit Trousers @ H&M – $29.95

Sofia Pointed Court Heels @ BooHoo – $44.00


Susana xoxo
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  • Jessica
    July 29, 2016

    I love a good monochromatic look and creating an outfit that is entirely gray is a great idea, especially moving into the fall months. Love all these pieces!
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

  • Candace
    July 29, 2016

    Grey is one of my favorite monochromatic looks to wear! It is so effortless and timeless. Love your collage here 🙂

  • My Shopping Diet
    July 29, 2016

    I adore the color grey and monochrome grey outfit makes even greater impact! Absolutely chic it’s the ultimate neutral! Love your picks!

  • Ida Zongo
    July 28, 2016

    That sleeveless Maxi is giving me all sorts of LIFE!!! Yes I am the type to wear around one colour and normally the colour (or shades) I opt for is either all black or all white. Or sometimes I may go all navy blue it’s just those colours compliments everybody type. Great post!

  • Qazi Fabia Hoq
    July 22, 2016

    I do love wearing grey! What I do is go for different shades of grey and add s pop with one accessory, it could be bag, shoe, statement necklace or a belt! I love wearing my grey flare pants with light turtleneck top and dark grey waistcoat! Going monochrome is fun!!!