How to Give Your Office a Boho-Chic Vibe


Written by: Emma Joyce

Cleanse your mind of all the bad vibes and the let good vibes flow in, and surround you.

The days of clean and modern offices are far behind us and people are now including different styles in their work spaces. You don’t have to eliminate interesting designs just because you think they won’t look professional – even if you’re running your business from home, there’s no need to avoid adding a little personality and boosting your work dynamic.

There are so many styles to choose from, but why not show your peculiar side and create an office worthy of a true bohemian fashionista?



All entrepreneurs’ offices are organized to be functional, and this helps them to do everything without spending too much time on searching for their things.

How can you achieve this? First, you need to start by making enough room for your office supplies and declutter everything.

Throw away unnecessary items and create a great workflow in the room. Try to think about the aesthetic appeal and how it can influence your work ethic, and turn this into a base for everything you’ll be doing later.

If you’re stuck in a small office, you need to start from the basics, such as desks and chairs, and then work your way towards storage space and additional seating area.



A rustic desk and a retro chair combined with a comfy 1 seater sofa can be turned into a cohesive meeting area where you can talk to your clients and colleagues.

To complete this look, opt for an interesting floor rug and then another one over it, but make sure it’s in a different color.

Creating layers will set the tone for the entire space and you can even add oriental curtains that create a useful shade that comes in handy when you want to work in peace.

Going for the show-stopping element is what you need to aspire to, and the best way to achieve that is to include some Moroccan-inspired fabric.


When it comes to accessories, channel your wanderlust vibes, bring out your souvenirs and display them. There’s no need to immediately start buying everything you think will go well with your new style, but start with the things you already have in your house and then make a plan for the new items.

You need to keep in mind that you’re decorating your own office, so try to find a balance and don’t go overboard. Visit local flea markets and thrift shops in search for everything from furniture to small details and, since you’re creating a bohemian-styled office, always keep a relaxed feeling in the center of your decorating process.



Don’t forget to include some plants too – they produce a cozy feeling and relax you, so surround your desk with leafy greenery.

Apart from creating an outdoor serene atmosphere, plants are also air purifiers and you’ll definitely feel the change after pulling those long hours.

Some scented oils and candles placed around you can also be a great way to solve this problem.

Think of relaxing music and include a little stereo, or just put some speakers on your desk and make a playlist of your favorite tunes.



Don’t ruin the vintage feeling you worked so hard for by creating a dull storage space. This is where you need to let your imagination run wild and try to think of the most creative use of some of your favorite items.

Keep your files in retro hat boxes, antique armoires or a coffee table with shelves, and try to find the purpose for the rest of your furniture. If you need to deal with the clients, find a place for an ottoman which will come in handy as an extra storage space, too.

Adopting a boho style in a home office is much more than trying to implement a new trend into your office design.

You need to create a balance between an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing work environment where you’ll be able to be productive without any disturbances. What defines this style is exactly that – merging something that can be cozy and professional at the same time.

Feel free to be inspired by this style and if you include it in your work space design, it will surely boost your productivity!

Emma xoxo

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