How To Wear Hats Without Getting Hat Hair


Hats are a lovely fashion accessory that can be used with so many different outfits. Not only that, but they can also be used across all four seasons – you have woolly hats in the colder months, then lighter ones to protect you from the sun in the warmer months.

The sheer range of hat styles means there’s a product for everyone, but all hats come with a price – the dreaded hat hair. 

You’ve all been there before: you put on a nice hat, it looks super cute, then you take it off and your hair’s a mess. The top is flat, loose strands are flying everywhere; everything is out of control.

So, here are a few tips that should help you wear hats without dealing with the dreaded hat hair:


Make Sure Your Hair is Dry before putting a Hat On

Never put a hat on wet or damp hair. Why? Because the wetness basically moulds your hair into a set position within the hat. So, when you take it off, your hair is fixed in that messy position.

Instead, always make sure your hair is dry before you put your hats on. It’s a very simple tip, yet it can make all the difference for many of you. 

Find Topless Alternatives

A topless hat is a hat that doesn’t cover your head. Yes, this doesn’t sound like a hat at all! However, there are products out there that fit this description – like visor hats.

A visor hat is basically a cap, only without the top part of the hat. So, you have a visor that offers sun protection for your face, but the top of your head isn’t compressed by the cap. It’s a great alternative as you still have the general style of the cap, but without worrying about hat hair. You can even get winter ‘hats’ that aren’t actually hats.

Effectively, you have a thick strip of material that goes around your head and covers your ears. Your ears are warm, as is your forehead and the back of your head, but the top part is exposed.

Again, you get some of the benefits of a beanie hat, but without the hair-messing-up part. 


Put Your Hair Behind Your Ears

If your hair is long enough, you need to tuck it behind your ears before putting a hat on. This gets a lot of the strands out of the way, preventing instances where you have loads of flicky hair going all over the place.

It won’t necessarily stop the top of your hair from going flat, but you can at least calm down the side bits. 


Give these ideas a go to prevent hat hair when wearing your most stylish accessories. Also, recognize that you can sort out hat hair quite easily.

Avoid running a brush through it as it makes your hair frizzy, and tie your hair up or back to disguise it.

You could even save your hats for day two or three hair, so any hat hair you have isn’t as glaringly obvious!

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