Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved special days like Mother’s Day, giving thanks and showing appreciation for the woman who gave birth to me but more importantly who has had to put up with my cheeky behaviour as a kid, my outspoken teenage years (in a political way) and then young adulthood. Lord, seriously give her strength! Haha! My mum means the world to me, she is all the family the I have (apart from my gorgeous husband of course – the reste of my family lives in Portugal and France). Without this woman, I would not be able to achieve and do everything as a good wife would be able to do. She has helped me out financially, she looks after my fur babies every day when I’m at work and she’s there for me when I’m having a real hard time with IVF and gives me all the support and strength. I would be lost without my beautiful mama. So mama, I love you  more than you could ever imagine, you are my world. Happy Mother’s Day! xoxox

Mama, I love you xoxox

With Mother’s Day just under a week away and if you’re reading this, you’re probably stressing out about finding that perfect gift in what little time you may have left to shop. Let me just tell you that there are plenty of great gift ideas you can buy online and at the stores, so you won’t have to look a deer lost in head lights, confused, sweating, and waving in and out through the crowds at the shopping centre trying to find that gift for mum. Here are a few ideas I’ve selected to help you on your way!

Katies: Faux fur trim cardigan – $89.95

Typo 'I love mum mug' $9.99
Uberkate: personalised jewellery from $99.99
K-Mart Australia: the most amazing mum... frame $5.00
Target Australia - animal print fleece dressing gown $35.00
K-Mart Australia - retro record player $79.00
Salt & Pepper: lamp $169.95
K-Mart Australia - Zsa Zsa faux fur cushion $12.00
Target Australia - Dannii Minogue scented candle $20.00
Katies: neutral bag $49.95
Jimmy Choo eau de perfum 100ml spray $59.99
Harvey Norman - foot spa $99.00

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  • Kimberley
    May 4, 2016

    Gorgeous post! Great ideas!