How Your Home Can Impact Your Mood | Style & Life by Susana

So, you’ve got this huge room that echoes every time you drop a pin, right?

Well, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and turn that vast void into the coziest spot you’ve ever lounged in. And no, we’re not just throwing in a couple of bean bags and calling it a day.

We’re going all out with some super cool, kinda, out-there ideas that’ll make your space snug, stylish, and oh-so-you.

Let’s Get Zoning!

First things first: let’s break up that space! Imagine having little invisible bubbles, each with its own vibe—like your own mini-universe.

Throw in some funky bookshelves, maybe a stylish screen or two, or even some tall plants to split up the room. You’re not building walls; you’re just suggesting, “Hey, this is where we chill, and that’s where we snack.” It’s like creating little secret corners for every mood!

Go Big or Go Home with Art

Tiny art in a big room? That’s like whispering at a rock concert. Let’s scale it up! How about a massive painting that makes you say “Wow!” every time you see it? Or, get this, turn one of your walls into a living, breathing art piece. Think a wall-sized vertical garden or a huge mobile that dances with the air—now that’s a conversation starter!

Texture Talk

A big room needs layers, like a cake, but with textures. Mix it up with some velvety cushions here, a shaggy rug there, and maybe a leather pouf for kicks.

But here’s the kicker: cluster these textures together in little islands. Imagine a cozy corner that’s all about softness, with fluffy throws and cushy pillows. It’s like walking into a cloud!

Light It Up!

Lighting can totally transform a room. Ditch that one big, boring light and scatter around a bunch of smaller ones. Play with heights and shades, and maybe throw in some colour-changing bulbs for drama. The idea is to create little pockets of warmth with light, making the room feel like it’s giving you a big, glowing hug.

Coffee Table Wonderland

Okay, let’s chat about coffee tables. In a big room, why settle for one little table when you can have a cluster of them or one gigantic one? But here’s a twist: how about a coffee table that’s also a terrarium?

Yep, a mini jungle under a glass top where your coffee cup sits next to a tiny fern or a cute cactus. It’s not just a table; it’s a tiny escape!

How Your Home Can Impact Your Mood | Style & Life by Susana

Rule Breaker’s Corner

Finally, let’s throw the rulebook out the window. Who says you can’t have a dining table in the living room or a cozy bathtub surrounded by plants?

Mix it up, surprise yourself, and create spaces that make you smile. How about a swing instead of a sofa or a hammock where you can laze around with a book?

Turning a big space into your cozy haven is all about letting your imagination run wild. It’s about creating a place that feels uniquely yours, where every corner has its own story, and every piece is a bit of you. So get creative, and transform your spacious room into the coziest, most intriguing spot in your world!

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