Mini Accessories: 4 Trends That Pack a Punch

Big is beautiful, but small fashion trends pack a punch. None are more powerful than the mini accessories that are flooding the market currently. From tiny pieces of jewellery to undersized clothes and footwear, the trend is taking over.

Unlike most style movements, this isn’t played out because it’s subtle and sophisticated. However, as always, it’s hard to choose the features you should have in your wardrobe and the pieces you need to swerve. After all, not all accessories are created equal! If you struggle to match mini accessories with your outfits, continue reading. These are the four that go with almost any design!

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

—Rachel Zoe

A Hat

Yes, a hat. Hats have been around since the dawn of time, so you’re not reinventing the wheel.

However, they’re often underused because they are common in the fall and winter months and less conspicuous in the spring and summertime. This is due to the fact that hats for the warmer seasons are statements, and not everyone is comfortable wearing a striking focal point.

Thankfully, smaller and less striking versions are available, such as a classic straw hat. When the temperature plummets, a beanie is a perfect mixture of stylish and practical, two elements accessories should bring to the table.

A Pin

A pin isn’t something you see that often unless you cover presidential elections and debates. But, in a cruel twist of fate, the politicians are fashionistas compared to the rest of the public regarding these accessories. After all, they can make statements, spruce up a monochromatic outfit, and add a new dimension to your style.

This definitive guide to pins is fantastic for beginners if you have experience with them. The main thing to remember is that they should be seen and not heard, but they must make an impact when they are spotted.

Mini Satchel

Trying to be fashionable is tough because it’s hard to combine style and functionality. You’ve still got to take things with you, yet you never want to appear bulky and ungainly. Typically, bags are the answer, even though they are quite large.

The good news is, the gods have answered your prayers and created the mini satchel. Retro and vintage in many ways, it’s a very unique piece you won’t see on the street. Still, it’s large enough to hold all of your essentials in case you have to adjust your makeup or play with your hair.

A Waist Belt

How often do you wear a belt to hold your pants up, and how often is it a fashion statement? If it’s the latter, your hips aren’t prime real estate since most peoples’ eyes don’t wander that low.

Therefore, a smart accessory is a high waist belt that wraps around your stomach or belly button area. The piece is instantly noticeable, partly since it’s easier to notice and partly because of the novel factor. Plus, the right belt will define your waist and abs, so it’s a win-win!


Do you have any mini accessories you can’t do without? I’d loved to know in the comments below xoxo

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