Sometimes life can get you so down that music is the best therapy you can have’


Sometimes there are certain things in life can that really can bring you down to a point that you think there is only sadness and negativity surrounding you 24/7 that you just accept it as a way of life.

Since starting IVF a few years ago I would go through waves of deep painful sadness either because a cycle hasn’t worked for me or when I’d see other people around me falling pregnant so easily and having babies (don’t get me wrong I am incredibly happy for them; it’s just can be so hard for me just because I want to experience that too) or just because things in life are just getting too overwhelming, too stressed and hard, that when I would find that I was starting to get down and I would turn to music. Somehow, music has such a way of speaking to your heart and mind, that it really bring you back to life. Bring that funky groove back into your spirit.

Music has such a way of speaking and connecting to our souls, that a certain song can just instantly change the way you are feeling, from dark to light, a song can just inspire you at that very moment. Music just soothes your soul and can heal your heart. It is the one miracle that sometimes can cure whatever you are going through. For me, music is just that… it is my salvation.

Here are a few songs that I listen to when I feel like I am having moments of disparity, sadness, heartache, insecurity and/or uncertainty. Everyone has that one song that just brings that flamboyant sparkle right back into my spirit and just invigorates your very soul.

Tell me about you’re favourite music or a particular song (or artist) that just makes you feel better and that helps you at particular times.

What do you think?

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1 Comment
  • Zac Jacobs
    October 19, 2016

    Great post! I have a playlist on spotify that has songs to help me out of my dumps. Great choices of songs.