Protecting Your Health in COVID Times

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With covid rates surging across the country, more Australians need to protect themselves against catching the virus.


Knowing how to protect yourself best can help you to stay safe during this uncertain climate.









Masks are still a great way to protect others from airborne bacteria or other particles that can affect your health. It can help you avoid breathing in particles already in the air or that others are breathing out and any airborne bacteria and viruses from other sources too.

Always check the effectiveness of the mask you are wearing for the activities you need it for. Some offer little to no protection; others can protect you against particles in the air and the elements, too, such as a CHOOB®.

Hands-Free Door Openers

Hygiene friendly door hooks can allow you to open and close a door without physically touching it. These hooks are typically small enough to find in a pocket or bag and can be used in many places to help you avoid contact in high traffic areas.

Wipe them frequently to avoid catching anything from handling the hook and having to wash your hands or sanitise as often due to contact.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can remove harmful bacteria from the air and recycle it into fresh and safe air. If you are worried about others bringing particles into your home, this can offer you an extra level of protection when you have visitors.

UV Lights

UV lights, particularly UV-C lights, have long been known for their disinfecting properties. UV-C lights break organisms on a cellular level meaning it effectively messes with their DNA. Humans are advised to store and UV-C light technology safely and wear protective equipment when handling it to avoid damage to their body, especially their eyes and skin.

Sanitiser Spray

Everyone is well aware of the benefits of hand sanitiser to remove germs and bacteria from your hands. However, sanitiser spray can be used on many different surfaces before touching them. Sprays typically dry quickly and kill anything lingering on surfaces quickly, rendering them safe for you.

Go Digital

The fewer physical things you need to handle the better. Using digital products you can access on your own devices, including shopping, ordering meals, filling in paperwork, etc., can help you reduce face-to-face contact and reduce the spread of covid even further. While the risk of transmission is low from using cash, the general advice is to pay via card payments where possible.

Avoid Crowds

Crowds are one of the main methods of transmission between people. Pay attention to local guidelines on staying apart from other people and limits on crowd control. If you feel there are too many people to safely stay aware from others, leave the area until it is safe.







Always check local area restrictions to update yourself of any changes regarding lock-down restrictions in your area and to find new ways to protect yourself and keep safe, especially during times where infection rates are rising.

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