Self-Care for You and Your Dog

Self-care is an important way of prioritising your well-being, but it isn’t just humans who can benefit from a little TLC. If you want to enhance your dog’s life, take the time to find ways to give them what they need.

From ensuring your house is puppy-proofed to giving them more attention, caring for your dog can also be a great way to improve your own wellness.

To get started, take a look at these top tips for providing great self-care for you and your dog:



Give Your Dog a Message

Petting your dog is a great way to relax them but a doggy massage is even better. With online guides and video tutorials, it’s easy to learn how to massage your dog and help them to relax.

This can be particularly effective if your pup sometimes shows signs of anxiety. However, your dog won’t be the only one who benefits. Researchers have shown that petting your dog can reduce your blood pressure and relieve stress, which means a doggy massage is a great form of self-care for both of you. 

Get More Sleep

Dogs need a surprising amount of rest, so don’t be surprised if your pooch takes regular naps throughout the day. If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, you could also be experiencing symptoms of sleep deprivation. 

To combat this, ensure you and your dog have a relaxed evening routine and prioritize the quality of your sleep. With the best dog beds, a comfortable mattress and a quiet environment, you can ensure that you and your pet both get a good night’s rest.

Whether your dog sleeps in your room or elsewhere in your home, a calm bedtime routine and enough sleep can leave them – and you – feeling better than ever. 

Learn How to Groom Your Dog

Dogs require regular grooming, although some breeds will need to be groomed more regularly than others. However, trimming your dog’s nails, brushing their fur and even giving them a trim is an important way of maintaining their health and well-being. 

Many dog owners choose to take their pets to a professional groomer but learning how to groom your dog could be an effective way to bond with them.

What’s more – taking time out of your day to groom your dog can allow you to focus on something other than the daily stresses of life. As a result, you’ll get some much-needed relaxation time while you cater to your dog’s needs. 

Walk a Different Route

No doubt you’re used to giving your dog daily walks but when was the last time you went somewhere new? Spending time outdoors is an important element of self-care and exploring a new location can be fun for you and your dog.

By getting off the beaten path, trying a new park or venturing further afield, you can broaden your horizons and enjoy different surroundings.








Creating a Pet Care Schedule

When life gets busy, it can be easy to overlook some of the less urgent pet care needs your dog has. In the long-term, however, this could have a detrimental impact on them and you.

By creating your own bespoke pet care schedule, both you and your dog can reap the rewards of regular self-care. 

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