Tackling The Areas That Get Hit By Age First


None of us is impervious to age, of course. It’s going to start showing itself sooner or later. However, that’s not to say we can’t stand up to it a little.

If you want to make sure that your efforts to preserve your youthful face are effective, then you need to get to know where age tends to affect you first and most. Here are some of the hotspots that you should be focusing on.

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Your Cheeks

Though it differs from person to person, the cheek is often one of the first places to start to show the signs of aging in terms of how it affects the skin.

The skin loses elastin over time, becoming less firm, as well as the collagen that keeps it smooth and youthful-looking. However, there are a host of means to boost the collagen in your cheeks, including topical creams to keep the skin there firmer and tighter.

Your Lips

Our lips start to lose their tone relatively early, as we head into our thirties. A nice plump pout won’t last forever. The reason here is much the same as with our skin: the loss of collagen over time causes things to sag.

However, there are ways to help restore the volume and structural integrity of the lips, such as with lip fillers. Aside from plumping the lips back up a bit, it can restore some of the collagen levels.


Around the Mouth

It’s not just the lips themselves that start to show age more quickly, it’s the whole mouth surrounding them as well.

Fine lines above the lips and smile lines/frown lines tend to be most common. These are lines of activity, meaning that they’re caused by too much movement and activity.

At some point, this starts to do more damage than our skin is able to recover, leaving the lines there for the long term.


Around the Eyes

How we age around the eyes is typically the same as how our mouths age, as well. Our eyes are some of the most expressive parts of the body. This activity stretches out the skin, leading to things like crows feet. One great solution for these lines of activity, wherever they are found on the face, is to make use of botox.

Botox shots effectively freeze the muscles causing the movements, stopping the skin from being tugged and pulled in the same way, allowing it to heal undisturbed.

The Eyelids

Peer a little closer and you will see one of the areas of the face that ages the quickest. Our skin begins to lose elasticity over time, which causes the skin to sag and eyelids to droop.

Using eye creams to replenish elastin and collagen levels here can help, but eyelids can also be targeted by surgery, removing excess skin and connecting the rest to reduce the sag.

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Being successful in the fight against visible aging is all about knowing where your battlefield is and what your arsenal is. Hopefully, the options above give you a better idea of that.

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