Fitting for Your Body & Face: What is the Optimal Necklace Length for You?

An eye-catching necklace gives you a finished look and adds interest to your clothing. It can also draw attention to your best features and away from those you do not want to flaunt.

Fortunately, sellers offer styles in materials, colors, styles, and lengths to match any need, so before you make a quite huge yet worth it investment and buy those jewellery for sale from vintage jewellers, it is worth noting what best fits you, should you intend to wear them.

The key to making the best choices is to select pieces that flatter your figure, height, face, and wardrobe.

Necklaces Can Flatter Your Face

Most face shapes are either heart, oval, round, or long (rectangular). Jewelry can compliment each shape, but it is crucial to choose the right pieces.

For instance, shorter, 12″-16″ necklaces look best on heart-shaped faces. Chokers and collars are most flattering to them because they create the illusion of a broader chin. Suppliers offer the style in materials that include metals, jewels, pearls, and crystals.

Stores offer a range of casual pieces, but it just as easy to find the perfect style for more formal occasions. For example, online shoppers who look at can locate an elegant gold collar necklace as well as a 16″ silver coin necklace.

Ladies with round faces should opt for 26″-36″ necklaces that help elongate their faces. V- and Y-shaped necklaces work well, but it is best to avoid collar, bib, and choker styles that emphasize roundness.

Women with long faces look best in 12″-16″ shorter styles that help soften their narrow faces. Lucky oval-faced women look good in necklaces of any length.

Choose Necklaces Based on Height

Consider your height when deciding on a necklace. Styles of any length look good on tall women, but longer pieces fit their height better.

Women under 5’5″ do well with styles that are 16″-20″ because the length helps elongate their necklines. Fortunately, Harpers Bazaar writers report that shorter necklaces are very trendy, especially for summer wear.

“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that can make you feel unique.”

There Are Styles for Every Figure

Body type also plays a part in choosing the right necklaces. Shorter pieces that sit higher tend to flatter full-figured women. Those with broad shoulders and wide necks will want to avoid chokers and shorter pieces and stick with longer styles.

Chokers are ideal for long necks but make short necks look a bit stubby. A 20″-22″ necklace is the best choice for any woman with a mid-size figure.

Long, thin chains are the ideal choice for those with small busts. Long, pendant necklaces worn in layers or alone will also help draw attention from wrinkled necks.

Use Necklaces to Enhance Clothing

It is also essential to select necklaces according to your clothing. Short 14″ pieces look good with open-neck styles and can be a lot of fun.

For instance, Cosmopolitan stylists suggest a multi-colored choker for summer wear. Match 16″ chokers with everything except turtlenecks and clothes that hide them.


You can flatter crew and plunging necklines with 18″ princess style necklaces. A 20″-24″ matinee style necklace rests between the collarbone and bust and is an excellent choice for casual and business clothing.

Evening wear and high-neckline clothing look best with 28″-36″ opera style necklaces. Finish off an evening ensemble or business wear with 36″-52″ long rope necklaces.

Necklaces will add sparkle and interest to your look and create a put-together look. It is vital to choose the right necklace for your face, figure, height, and clothing.

Suppliers offer pieces in a wide range of styles, materials, colors, and lengths, so it is easy to find something for every need.

A carefully chosen necklace can flatter your face and figure, draw attention from flaws, and give you a polished appearance.

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