What Lockdown Taught Us About Looking After Our Hair

Wherever you are in the world, the chances are that lockdown took its toll on your hairstyle at some stage.


With salons closed, sometimes for months on end, we’ve had little choice but to make do and mend and, honestly, it hasn’t always gone well. 

Hairstyling disasters were certainly a theme of 2020, especially for those who watched enough YouTube videos to convince ourselves we could do it alone (yes, we’re talking about that fringe! …yep, I admit it did it! Bah!).

But, out of disaster comes opportunity, and the people who are doing lockdown right have actually discovered amazing hairstyles that they never would’ve found if they just kept on with their usual routines. 

Of course, these people are the exception to the rule, but it proves that there’s a lot to learn in those neverending lockdown days. To find the positive where your hair is concerned, keep reading for the lockdown lessons about your locks that you should never forget. 




We Really Can’t Do it Ourselves

DIY hairstyling has become something of a trend, but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from all of this, it’s that we really can’t do it ourselves.

Despite all the YouTube tutorials in the world, there have been more wonky fringes and box cuts out there. No matter how creative you might feel, this is a reminder to type ‘hair salon near me’ into a search engine as soon as you notice things slipping.

Forget what your favourite influencers are doing; where our hair is concerned, the professionals always know best. 

The Curse of The Colour

According to the most recent study, an astounding 75% of women colour their hair, but lockdown may well lock that trend in the past. After all, roots were the single hardest thing to hide during 2020 and, now that many women are past that rare ‘half and half’ stage, they aren’t all that keen to go back.

In fact, according to hairstylist Jack Baxter, now is the ideal time to utilise roots to enhance your hair moving forward. Taking this chance to step away from dyes will certainly help your hair to recover, and with natural ombre looks on offer, there’s nothing to love.

Are High maintenance Cuts out on the High Road?

Sharp bobs and other high maintenance cuts that require attention every four weeks on average are also out by the looks of things.

After all, within a month of salon closures, the impracticality of styles like these became all too clear.

Now, stylists are seeing a rise in the popularity of fuller hairstyles that utilise long layers and volume to hide a multitude of sins.

his way, even if the unexpected ever leaves you locked out of your salon again, you can rest pretty easy that your hair will stay looking fabulous for a whole lot longer. 

It’s been tough, that’s for sure, but with lessons like these on offer, at least we can say that something good came out of it. One thing’s sure; we’ll be glad never to utter the words ‘lock-down hair’ again.

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