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Jewellery that has been inherited or gifted is certainly something that is appreciated but it’s not always something that you could wear or desire in the first place.

Whether it’s a sentimental item of jewellery or it’s simply been gifted due to your interest in it, here are a few tips to do more with any jewellery you’ve inherited or been gifted recently.

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Get it remodelled

One of the most popular things to do with gifted or inherited jewellery is to get it remodelled. This is useful when the piece of jewellery you’ve received, isn’t your vibe or just doesn’t suit what you would typically wear it with.

With that being said, there are plenty of services out there that will be able to remodel your jewellery at a price. Take a look at jewellery remodelling online and what’s available. You should consider the budget you have, plus anything you’d like to add or remove from the jewellery to make it more suitable for your personal preferences.

Keep it in a keepsake box 

If you’re not a fan of wearing jewellery but can’t be parted with the jewellery you’ve been given, then you could always display it in a keepsake box for the time being.

It might be something that you want to keep hidden away or alternatively, have in your bedroom as a place to display.

A keepsake box is a useful one if you want to protect the jewellery and to avoid it getting damaged. It’s better than the piece of jewellery just sitting on the side, where it’s likely to go missing.

Add it to an existing piece of jewellery

There are some items of jewellery that you will already own and that might be paired up with the jewellery you’ve received. For example, some rings might be dainty enough to go on a necklace chain. You might have something small enough to go on the chain of a bracelet or be combined on an earring.

See what’s possible with the existing jewellery you have, as it may certainly surprise what’s doable with what you already own.

Sell it

If you’ve not got much of a sentimental tie to the jewellery, then you might want to consider selling it. This is useful if you’re looking to sell the jewellery so you can spend it on something that will bring more value or joy to your life.

After all, some jewellery might be worth a family holiday or perhaps even a deposit on your first home. If you can bring yourself to let it go, then selling it would be a great option

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Gift it to someone else

Finally, there is an option to gift it to someone else. You might not want the item of jewellery, but perhaps someone else might. Gifting it to someone else is a great way of giving joy to others, as it’s more suited to them than it is to you.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get something better out of gifted or inherited jewellery.

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