Why It’s Healthy To Have Fun

Why It’s Healthy To Have Fun | Style & Life by Susana

Children are extremely good at having fun; it’s something they do without even thinking about it, something that just comes naturally to them. Every aspect of their life comes down to whether or not it is fun.

Somewhere along the way as we are growing up, we lose some of that ability to see the fun in every situation, and that is not only a sad thing to happen, but it is also an unhealthy one.

Having fun is good for us, and here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to find the sparkle in your life again wherever you can.

Why It’s Healthy To Have Fun | Style & Life by Susana

? Weight Loss

When you think of fun, the immediate next thought might not be that it can help you to lose weight, but it’s true. Adults will often eat – or rather, overeat – food that is bad for them, due to emotions overwhelming them. Think of when you have felt down and unhappy; if you reached for ice cream or chocolate, or perhaps a big bowl of pasta, you may well have been comfort eating.

It follows then that the happier you are, the less you’ll eat, and when you do eat, you’ll enjoy food that is good for you, rather than something that will give you a short-lived lift in your emotions.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have a treat every now and again on special occasions; that’s fun too. Just make sure that for the most part, you are eating sensibly. Having fun wherever and whenever you can will help you to do this properly.


? You’ll Find Out Who You Are

If you’ve only ever done the same things time and again, thinking that this is what and who you are, you could easily be missing out.

By taking a chance and going out specifically to have fun, or looking for fun in every situation you find yourself in (within reason), you will find out who you really are, and you’ll know more about yourself than ever before. You can even rediscover yourself.

Think about what you loved to do as a child and see if you can still enjoy something similar as an adult. In some cases, you will, and in others, you will find that you have changed your opinion, but the discovery of this is the important part.

There are so many options. You could rent carnival games for a special birthday or celebration that your friends and family can enjoy. Or you could go to a theme park and stop worrying about schedules and just be in the moment. Or play a game as you walk along – no one has to know.

Why It’s Healthy To Have Fun | Style & Life by Susana

? Something To Look Forward To

It’s so easy to fall into a set routine and then have trouble getting out of it again, which can affect the way we feel. However, taking up a fun hobby, or booking something that you can enjoy in the future will give you a focus and will help you to be happy in the present.

By having something to look forward to, no matter what it might be, is a good way to banish sad feelings and to find the positives in life more easily. That’s good for you as it keeps your mind thinking good thoughts which are far healthier than bad ones.

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